Organ on Chip Development: Orchid

The website of Orchid has been inaugurated this month. We are glad to help in the communication of this project that plans to disseminate the Organ on Chip technology to scientists, industry and society in general. We would like to congratulate the University of Zaragoza for being part of this initiative that will show to the world the importance of OoC technologies to reduce animal experimentation and reproduce as best as possible the human body on the laboratory.
Apart from the dissemination, this group of experts has other important objectives:

  • Identify ethical and regulatory issues
  • Analyse the impact of this technology on economy, education, society…
  • Establish a road map for the Organ on Chip technology

This project shows us that the University of Zaragoza is one of the main European actors in this emerging and promising technology. For our advisory board, that works in the AMB group is a pleasure to share all their knowledge with great institutions from Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. The Dutch are leading this project and also the rising of this technology. Their government has planned to forbid animal experimentation in 2025 so they totally believe in the necessity of this transition to Organ on chip in the next years. For that reason they have created an organization with all the companies interested on OoC called hDMT (Human organ and disease model technologies), a reference in the sector.

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