About Organ on a Chip

Organ on a Chip technology consists on microfluidic cell culture chips that try to reproduce different physiological responses of organs on a lab. They try to simulate mechanical and chemical stimulations to make the environment as biomimetic as possible.

Personalized services

We are able to help our customers in all the proccess of the development of a new device. From design to industrialization, we will be glad to make this path together.



In this moment we have 4 validated standard products. They are versatile, made with biocompatible materials and can be used for many different applications.


BE-GRADIENT allows to perform cell cultures under chemical gradients. The optical transparency of the polymers used make possible monitor experiments with phase contrast, fluorescence and confocal microscopy.



BE-MULTIWELL recreates complex environment simulation 3D-2D spatial distribution in a HTS microfluidic device. Advanced coculture system to mimic pathophysiological cell interaction with endo or epithelium.



BE-FLOW does in vitro simulation of physiological environments involving flow and shear stress. Long-term 2D or 3D experiments in three independent channels under flow conditions.



BE-FLOW2D3 allows a combination of a 2D-3D organized coculture with the possibility of establishing flows with or without cells over the epithelium. Our most biomimetic microdevice to copy in vitro different tissue structures.



If our standard chips don´t fit the needs of a customer we can adapt to his specifications: size, materials, number of channels. Everything can be personalized to make researchers as comfortable as possible.


About us

BEOnChip S.L. born at the University of Zaragoza in a research group after five years working together Ignacio Ochoa (specialist and PhD in biology), Luis Fernández (PhD in microtechnology) and Rosa Monge (Industrial Engineering).

We are responsible for designing new devices for cell culture, to try to make the environment of the cells as biomimetic as possible. That means that we reproduce in the laboratory the same as if they were in the human body. With this technology, drug testing will be much closer to reality and therefore the time and cost of manufacturing new drugs to treat diseases like cancer or heart attacks will decrease.


The best place to find last news about this emerging sector and about our company. Follow us to see the development of this revolution called Organ on Chip.

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Con el soporte del Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad (Gobierno de España) 
Desarrollo de un sistema de preservación normotérmica con capacidad de monitorización metabólica no invasiva (PRENOMON)
Expediente: RTC-2016-5108-1