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Our device designed for electrochemical gradient application to 3D cell cultures and for creating barrier models. It is compatible with any type of optical microscopy (inverted phase contrast, confocal, fluorescence, etc). Be-Gradient consists of a cell culture chamber and two channels in direct contact with it. Changing the concentration of one element between the channels on both sides of the central chamber results in the creation of a chemical gradient. For barrier and vasculature models, the lateral channels are meant to simulate blood vessels, where endothelial cells can be cultured.

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Be-Gradient cell culture video


Our easiest-to-use device dedicated to cell culture under flow. It allows the performance of long-term 2D or 3D culture in two independent channels. This is an optimal device for vascular research where shear stress plays a major role in gene expression and for the study of the effect of circulating particles.

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Be-Flow cell culture video


Our most versatile cell culture platform. It allows the study of complex culture configurations by joining a culture well with a microfluidic channel via a porous membrane. This is the optimal device for Air Liquid Interface (ALI) culture, endothelium/epithelium barrier and crosstalk studies.

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Be-Transflow cell culture video


Our most advanced device. It consists of two perfusable channels connected via a porous membrane. Explore the crosstalk between different 2D and 3D cultures in a biomimetic environment and control the efficiency of the interaction by selecting the optimal pore size for your application. This is the optimal device when gas control is needed (hypoxia, anaerobiosis, ischaemia-reperfusion), for studying the effect of circulating particles (bacteria, immune system, circulating tumor cells) and for endothelium/epithelium barrier, specially when flux plays a role in both sides of the coculture.

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Be-Doubleflow cell culture video

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