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Workshop with our colleagues from Eyown technologies

Last Friday 26th we did a small workshop of our products to EYOWN Technologies, a biotech company from Madrid, specialized in the optimization of laboratory processes through instrumentation and Biocomputing tools. Eyown has worked more than 20 years automatizing lab processes, having a protocol where they show all the different stages needed to automatize techniques…
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Organ on Chip Development: Orchid

The website of Orchid has been inaugurated this month. We are glad to help in the communication of this project that plans to disseminate the Organ on Chip technology to scientists, industry and society in general. We would like to congratulate the University of Zaragoza for being part of this initiative that will show to…
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Heart on a Chip´s Project kick off

This week we are travelling to Paris to attend the kick off of a challenging European project called “Heart On chip based on induced pluripotent Stem cell Technology for personalized Medicine”. The main goal of this project is to create a heart on a chip model by using microfluidics and developing a platform for cardiomyocytes-iPSCs.…
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