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Feb 10, 2023

Project: DIAMOOC

DIAMOOC: Integrated AI Design and Engineering of 3D Bioprinted Multi-Organoids on Chip for Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy

The project aims to develop an innovative colorectal cancer model that integrates a large bioprinted colorectal cancer organoid and the vascular system that nurtures it inside a microfluidic chip. This innovative model will have ground-breaking applications in pharmaceutical research and biomedicine, paving the way towards the application of in vitro models in personalized medicine starting where it is most needed, oncology.

The general objective of DIAMOOC is the generation of a robust in vitro platform for the evaluation of drugs used in colorectal cancer treatment. This platform overcomes the main drawbacks of patient-derived organoid research to date: the lack of a vascular network and immune system activity in the organoid microenvironment.

In order to accomplish this objective, DIAMOOC integrates different fields of research, forming a multidisciplinary consortium that combines experience and knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence, bioprinting, biological simulation, microfluidic engineering and biomedicine.

Beonchip will be responsible in the DIAMOOC Project for the design and fabrication of microfluidic platforms compatible with bioprinting for the culture of large Organoids in Chip.

This project is carried out in the frame of CHINEKA Spanish-Chinese Bilateral Technological Cooperation Program between the CDTI and TORCH. CHINEKA is a bilateral program that supports the joint development of technological development and innovation projects between Spanish companies and Chinese entities, financed by both countries.

DIAMOOC consortium is integrated by BEONCHIP S.L. (Spain), University of Zaragoza (Spain), Nanjing Tech University (China) and Chengdu MatAi Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

Project reference: CHK-20210004