All in One


Fluigent’s New All-in-One (A-i-O) software is a tool for real-time control of pressures and flow rates. Its modular interface is designed for independent and easy monitoring of all parameters for each channel connected.

Key features :

1 click from pressure to flow-rate control
20ms datalogging sampling frequency
automatic instrument detection


Ease of use :

  • Intuitive and ergonomic user interface
  • Enter pressure or flow rate numerically or by using sliders
  • Change from flow rate to pressure control in 1 click
  • Save flow rate and pressure configurations for future use

Focus on the experiment :

  • Live monitoring and control
  • Tasking with independent channel control windows
  • Detect potential blockage in small dimension devices with the intelligent monitoring feature
  • Get more data with 20ms datalogging sampling frequency

More useful data :

  • Advanced graphic features : adjustable scale, absolute or relative values, channel display selection, …
  • Export directly to Excel



  • Display up to 16 channels (pressure and flow-rate combined)
  • Customizable user interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts for saved configurations
  • Resizable panel and windows
  • Integrated online help service
  • Low memory footprint (low RAM usage)

Compatibilities :

  • Compatible with Windows 7 and higher
  • 32bit and 64bit systems supported
  • A link module is required for use with the LineUP™ series

Tutorial videos

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