Multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years of experience in the field of microtechnologies, microfluidics and cell culture. In close contact with the customer, the needs of microfluidic devices are identified. The work team defines the list of specifications that the design must have to comply with the requested requirement.



We help you in the redesign of the devices for their manufacture through mass production techniques and we can help you identify the relevant parameters to take into account in your quality control processes. Our team generates 3D designs of your idea and different kind of renders to see the development of the design as realistic as possible.



BEONCHIP manufactures high resolution prototypes in short deadlines to identify design improvement points. We make short runs of your devices for later validation. We are able to cut and bond all materials needed for different chips, having the experience on working with COP, COC-Flex, SU-8… with a bonding know-how that can be very useful for certain experiments.



We perform fluid and biological validations. Validating our chips in biological and microfluidical terms with the cooperation of the AMB Group of the University of Zaragoza. We have also the possibility of making these validations in our labs for companies that need it, as part of our services portfolio.



Once the prototype has been validated, we are at your disposal to develop this design and take it to its industrialized manufacturing. We make designs for injection or machining and from our experienced partners we choose the best option for the customer according to his specifications. If you prefer, we can manufacture, sterilize, and package for you.

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