The M-SWITCHTM is a rotary valve with 11 ports. One may select one of up to 10 solutions to be delivered to a microfluidic device, or input one fluid and direct it to up to 10 different locations. When used with the Fluigent Automation Tool software (MAT), the switch position and timing may be programmed and automated as well as other flow parameters. The M-SWITCHTM has a very low dead volume and has a rapid switch time of a few milliseconds.

Sample generation and collection

In this application example, different concentrations of the molecule of interest are injected into the chip generating water in oil droplets containing various concentrations. The droplets are then sorted at the outlet of the chip using the M-SWITCHTM regarding their concentrations. Each step can be automated either by using Microfluidic Automation Tool (MAT) or partially with live control and monitoring using ESSTM Control dedicated software.

Sequential injection

In this application example, up to 10 liquids (4 on the schematic) are selected sequentially to be delivered to the chip by the M-SWITCHTM. The samples at the outlet of the chip may also be sorted by using a 2-SWITCHTM either into a collection tube or to waste. Each step can be automated either by using Microfluidic Automation Tool (MAT) or partially with live control and monitoring using ESSTM Control dedicated software.



The ESS™ Control allows to visualize and control the M-SWITCH and other Fluigent valves position in real time. We have also developed many features to simplify routine experiments :

• Ability to record and log the positions of all devices during the experiment.
• Save a set of parameters as a configuration/method.
• Modular display of your devices: the main window can be contracted and expanded.
• Every control can be undocked and displayed in an individual and repositionable compact window.
• Customize the interface, such to include switch names and fluidic ports for ease of identification.

microfluidic valve switching


The Microfluidic Automation Tool (MAT) is an unique program for developing and running time-based experiments. Its drag and drop interface  ensure an easy and rapid protocol creation. It allows Fluigent valve control and thier integration with other microfluidic devices. Combine any ESS platform device with MAT for:

• Benefiting from MAT functions such as repeat, if, wait until, … for the development of complex protocols

• Loading and saving protocols.

• Integrating any Fluigent instrument or other devices (requires TLL signal) in joint process.

software MAT Screenshot

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