The LINK provides connection of LineUp™ series modules to a PC for software control. Place it at the first position of the chain and connect it to the PC to use Fluigent Software (AiO, MAT and SDK).


The LineUP series modules are compatible with Fluigent’s newest software applications:

  • The Fluigent All-in-One: Quickly monitor, control, and record data from all Fluigent instruments with ultra-fast datalogging and an integrated dashboard.
  • Microfluidic Automation Tool: Easily automate time based protocols for pressure/flow as well as valve control. This provides an intuitive Drag&Drop user interface, TTL Triggers and advanced automation logic.
  • Software Development Kit: Integrate the LineUp Flow EZ™ seamlessly in your existing application. Available in C++, Labview, Matlab, Python, etc.

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