ISP series: Laboratory syringe pump

ISP series offer great precission and flowrate range (0.0002 µL/min-165.8 mL/min) at a great price. These syringe pumps are operated directly from their color 4.3″ LCD screens where you can monitor and change the operation mode or flowrate directly without needing to stop the perfusion. ISP systems work in infusion, withdrawal or infusion/withdrawal mode and can work continiuosly at a set flowrate or infuse/extract precisely a certain volume of liquid from the fluidic circuit. ISP controllers are made with stainless steal casing to increas durability and can be operated at up to 40 ºC. We offer a 3 year warranty on this very robust product that is ideal for rapidly setting up Organ on chip experiments, minimizing the number of connections needed.

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