Independent Channel Control (ICC) Peristaltic Pumps

Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo  multi-channel peristaltic pumps let you individually control the flow and direction of each channel from the intuitive keypad or via your computer—expanding your benchtop pumping capabilities with a single compact unit! Pump delivers continuous pumping or precision dispensing with the capability of bidirectional flow in each channel. Plus, independent channel calibration minimizes tube-to-tube differences, resulting in high calibration accuracy.

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Main features

  • Flow rate 0.001 to 43 ml/min per channel – flow rate depends on drive rpm, rollers, and tubing size.
  • Independently control flow and direction of each channel via keypad or your PC.
  • USB interface for quick connection to a PC.
  • Flexibility of bidirectional flow in each channel.
  • 2-4 channels, 6 rollers.
  • 2 stop tubing.

Technical Specifications


Tubing cassettes (included) accept 2-stop tubing and are easily snapped in/out for quick tubing changes. Accepted tubing ranges from 0.13 to 3.17 mm ID for a wide flow range.

Order the three-stop tubing size and formulation to suit your application needs (sold separately).

Masterflex® Ismatec® cartriges and tubing are made of POM-C or PVDF. There are two different designs of cartridge. The Click-N-Go design allows for tubing to be used in systems that have up to 1 bar of back pressure exerted on the tubing. The Pressure Lever design allows for system pressures up to 1.5 bar.

The tube inner diamter selected to use with the cartridge determines the minimum and maximum flowrate available. The ID options for masterflex tubing are 0.8 mm, 1.6 mm, 3.1 mm, 4.8 mm, 6.4 mm, 7.9 mm.


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