Luis Serrano

Head of Sales & business development

Luis Serrano holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Zaragoza. During his Ph.D., he focused on nanoscience and magnetism. Therefore, he is highly experienced with a plethora of nanofabrication techniques (optical lithography, electrical lithography, focused electron/ion beam induced deposition, focused ion beam milling) and characterization techniques (scanning and transmission electron microscopy, atomic and magnetic force microscopy, electric characterization, STXM). Afterwards, he worked as a postdoc at Centre d’élaboration de matériaux et d’études structurales (CEMES) in Toulouse, where he developed further his electron microscopy and nanofabrication skills. In 2015, he worked as chief technology officer in a start-up company (GPNT) devoted to the production and commercialization of epitaxially grown graphene. Nowadays, Luis Serrano is the head of sales and business development of Beonchip S. L.

Organ on a Chip technology consists on microfluidic cell culture chips that try to reproduce different physiological responses of organs on a lab. 


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