Luis Fernández

Dr. Luis J. Fernandez is the Head of Tissue Microenvironment Lab (TME Lab), with 20 years of experience on microengineering, including cell culture microfluidic systems for organ-on-chip applications, microfluidics based in-vitro diagnosis systems, microfluidic manufacturing, drug delivery and tissue monitoring microdevices, and BioMEMS.  His research interest includes both, the generation of new scientific approaches to impact the Biomedical field and the generation of industrial and clinical impact of biomedical research. He has published more than 50 scientific papers with SCI and 21 patents and know-how transfers (11 of which are currently under exploitation).

He is co-founder of Beonchip SL, a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of microfluidic devices for organ-on-chip applications, partner of EBERS Medical Technology, a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of equipment for tissue engineering and organ transplantation, and partner Director and CTO of Microliquid, a company dedicated to the development and mass manufacturing of In-vitro diagnostic and drug delivery microfluidics devices for third companies.

We work daily to create the next generation of in vitro culture platforms.


+34 655 161 691

CEMINEM-Campus Río Ebro