Lara Pancorbo


Holds an Engineering degree in Industrial Design and product development issued by the University of Zaragoza (2012-2016). She initiated her professional career in 2015 as collaborator of Leyenda S.L. in logotypes and stages design and then she joined Beonchip´s team to complete her end-of-grade project. She also did the company internship at SEGULA TECHNOLOGIES for 3 months in the summer of 2016. Currently she works as R&D technician with Rosa in all the stages of the innovation process: Ideas, design and prototyping. She has wide experience in design specialized software like AutoCAD, Inventor 3D or Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and photoshop and also medium level in programming languages HTML5, CSS and WordPress.

We work daily to create the next generation of in vitro culture platforms.


+34 655 161 691

CEMINEM-Campus Río Ebro