Author: Alberto

Boston calling!

Next month we are travelling three weeks to Boston thanks to the Richi Entrepeneurs. This program helps companies around the world to land in USA through Massachussets, one of the most interesting areas of the country, especially for biotech companies. Richi Entrepeneurs assigns each participant a mentor with the idea to help them looking for…
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Goodbye Flat Biology – Welcome Organ on a Chip

This editorial of Nature could perfectly be the kick off of the Organ on a Chip technology. This new market is still in definition and we don’t even have clear the precise definition of Organ on a Chip. In Europe, the consortium Orchid is planning to write a “white book” about it during next years,…
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Simulating a gut on a chip

Organ on a Chip models try to reproduce some applications of a human organ in a lab. One of the most interesting activities for the food industry would be the simulation of the absortion of the intestine (Gut on a Chip). The development of this approach would change the way to treat patients with some…
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